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Call for Papers



Man-machine interactions Process automation Digital twins Factory modeling and simulation Home, laboratory and service automation Industrial automation Intelligent automation Factory modeling and simulation Network-based systems Planning, scheduling and coordination Nano-scale automation and assembly Instrumentation systems Biomedical instrumentation and applications


Intelligent Control

Adaptive control Robust control Process control Complex systems Co-operative control Identification and estimation Intelligent systems Discrete event systems Hybrid systems Networked control systems Sensor network systems Delay systems Neural networks Fuzzy systems Control of biological systems Precision motion control Control applications Control engineering education Nonlinear systems and control Neural networks based control systems Optimal control Power system control Precision motion control


Information Science

Information Processing Information systems & Applications Internet Applications & Performances Internet Technology and Applications Knowledge Based Systems Knowledge Management & Decision Making Machine Learning Technologies Machine Vision & Remote sensing Management Information Systems Mobile Networks & Services Mobile/Wireless Computing Natural Language Processing Network Management and services Networking Theory & Technologies Neural Networks Applications Next Generation Network Parallel and Distributed Computing QoS Management Real-Time and Embedded Systems Robotic Technologies Satellite & Space Communications Security and Cryptography

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